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  • Michael Hill’s Acoustic Blue Duo

    Michael Hill’s Acoustic Blue Duo

    Michael Hill is an acclaimed Brooklyn-based songwriter, singer and guitarist whose band Michael Hill’s Blues Mob recorded seven internationally released albums of his Original New-York Style Blues. They performed across […]

  • Clarence Spady

    Clarence Spady

    Clarence Spady is thoroughly motivated when it comes to his career. “Here we are in the saddle,” says the veteran blues guitarist. “I’ve got both hands on the reins right now. […]

  • Antoinette Montague

    Antoinette Montague

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  • Alexis P. Suter Band

    Alexis P. Suter Band


  • Tilden Senior Drama Club

    Tilden Senior Drama Club

  • Solomon Hicks Quartet

    Solomon Hicks Quartet

    Solomon Hicks has been called ‘Lil’ B.B. King, East Montgomery, and King Solomon by his Fans from NYC, nationally and now internationally. He is the real deal…the next best thing […]

  • Odysseus Bailer

    Odysseus Bailer

    Odysseus Bailer has been dancing in NYC for over ten years. He is a staple in the NYC swing and blues dancing scene and he is one of the go […]

  • Irving Louis Lattin

    Irving Louis Lattin

    Irving Louis Lattin is a native Chicagoan who grew up during a time when almost every blues legend lived, recorded & performed throughout the city daily. It was common to […]

  • Yovanne Pierre

    Yovanne Pierre

    Have you heard the sounds of Yovanne Pierre? Unforgettable! This pianist extraordinaire, can only be compared to such greats as Thelonius Monk, Duke Ellington and Fats Waller”. Having studied at […]

  • Lamont Jack Pearley

    Lamont Jack Pearley

    Lamont Jack Pearley comes from a background of music and media. Performing as an independent artist, and working in the news media/ broadcast Television and Radio industry. Even earning accolades […]