Brooklyn Blues Society

Lamont Jack Pearley

Lamont Jack Pearley comes from a background of music and media. Performing as an independent artist, and working in the news media/ broadcast Television and Radio industry. Even earning accolades in Independent film with projects that won awards at festivals. Though he’s taken an unorthodox route to his career destinations, the hands on experience he’s gained are priceless. Through his 12 year tenure, Lamont earned the title “folklorist” for his works in documenting African American Culture and musics with an extensive collection of research and broadcast interviews. The works earned him an induction into the NY Blues Hall of Fame for Great Blues Historian and Radio/Television Producer.

As a Bluesman – with a national guitar and bottle neck slide, Lamont presents a performance of original delta blues traditions, sharing stories, singing songs and engaging the audience through the oral history of African American Tribal Music called The Blues. With an authentic style of field hollers, accompanied by Mississippi influenced guitar playing, grounded in the NYC experience, Jack Dappa Blues shares his journey of original songs through the traditional style of music and storytelling. Lamont has also been inducted into the NY Blues Hall of Fame for Great Blues Artist. More importantly, Lamont makes a great pot of Cafe Bustelo Coffee every morning.