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Rachiim Ausar-Sahu

Rachiim Ausar-Sahu is a highly respected bassist, composer, lyricist and educator. The Brooklyn born and raised native has toured most of the world over the last forty years. He has lectured worldwide, most notably in continental North America, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, Russia and Germany as well as Guadeloupe and Martinique. A consummate professional in both the lecture hall and performance hall. Rachiim credits the tremendous resources of cosmopolitan New York; the libraries, museums, concert halls, clubs, parks and community-based programs of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, as vital keys to his early growth and development.

He is the author of over four hundred compositions, the recipient of several “Meet the Composer” Awards and former Artist-in-Resident for New York State and North Carolina.

He is also the musical director for several prominent performance ensembles, including; ‘Voices of the Faith’ [ a 32 voice mixed choir, NYC ],’AfrikaEternal’, [ a 6 piece Afrikan music ensemble, NYC and Lisbon, Portugal ] and ‘Jazz/Espiritu’, [ a 12 piece jazz ensemble, NYC].  

In April, 2017 Rachiim produced the revised version of his renowned arts production, ‘A Suite for Malcolm’.

Most recently, on February 1, 2019, the production “A Suite for Malcolm” was performed at Aaron Davis Hall in New York City in the Marian Anderson Theater with the full cast of strings, brass, woodwind, percussion and actors, written, arranged, composed and directed by himself. It also received critical acclaim as well as a glowing review in NY’s Amsterdam News [Amsterdam News, Feb. 8-13, 2019, pg.28]. 

Rachiim’s most current professional affiliations include: 

TransArtInc.Org.; The Andy Kirk Jazz Research Foundation; The Mustafa Music Foundation; The Jazz Foundation of America;The National Conference of Artists/NCANY