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  • Junior Mack

    Junior Mack

    Guitarist and vocalist, Junior Mack picked up a guitar and taught himself to play at the age of nine. His soulful style is rooted in gospel and blues. Among his […]

  • Mimi Block

    Mimi Block

    Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mimara (Mimi) Block is a violinist, jazz vocalist, and composer who was diagnosed with autism and a severe developmental delay at the age of two. […]

  • Michael Hill’s Acoustic Blue Duo

    Michael Hill’s Acoustic Blue Duo

    Michael Hill is an acclaimed Brooklyn-based songwriter, singer and guitarist whose band Michael Hill’s Blues Mob recorded seven internationally released albums of his Original New-York Style Blues. They performed across […]

  • Clarence Spady

    Clarence Spady

    Clarence Spady is thoroughly motivated when it comes to his career. “Here we are in the saddle,” says the veteran blues guitarist. “I’ve got both hands on the reins right now. […]

  • Beareather Reddy and the Brown Liquor Sounds

    Beareather Reddy and the Brown Liquor Sounds

    Beareather Reddy, vocalist/actress/producer, is a native of Sylvania, Georgia, received a B.A. in performance arts from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She has performed in numerous plays throughout the […]

  • Beareather Reddy

    Beareather Reddy


  • Tanja Maria Hayes

    Tanja Maria Hayes


  • Bessie R. Edwards

    Bessie R. Edwards


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